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Arriva has worked extensively with our core clients to produce a range of Odour Control Products for the Petrochemical and Industrial Waste Water treatment industries.

We offer a comprehensive range of Alamask® compounds for Odour Masking & Odour Neutralising as well as a full Odour Monitoring service on site.

Arriva Aquafoam systems also offer an added dust suppression service for quarries and industrial processors of dust producing products.

Arriva are unique within the industry as we are the creators , manufacturers and suppliers of all of our products and therefore can offer a fast and efficient supply chain coupled with client confidentiality and exclusivity.

Alamask® range can be formulated for all of the following product types:

  • Water based
  • Oil based
  • Solvent based
  • Alcohol based
  • Resin based
  • Powder based
  • Wax based
  • Surfactant based
  • Acid / Alkali based


Arriva’s Alamask® range is currently being used in the following problem industry areas:

  • North Sea Oil Drilling Rigs as a lubricating oil deodoriser
  • Petroleum distillers are using masking for recycled oil to be re-sold
  • Sewage treatment plants provided with an odour counteractant
  • Adhesive bases given a strong solvent base odour counteractant
  • Wool processing to neutralise fatty wool odours and give a clean fresh final product
  • Plastic manufacturing covering base odours in both hot and cold base applications
  • Rubber manufacturing to masking acrid / sulphur base odours
  • Alcoholic based cleaners, which neutralise cheap alcohol odour giving a clean / fresh effect
  • Landfill and demolition sites for odour control/masking and dust containment